Rotte @ 18

Celebrants may prepare for their debut by taking dance lessons along with normal party planning activities such as inviting her ‘court’, buying decorations, and planning meals. It is also a common custom for the debutante to wear a ball gown, so selecting this outfit would be part of her preparation. The debutante would also choose 18 candles to give speeches about her life and offer advice for her upcoming descent into womanhood during the celebration. And the traditional Filipino food would  be served and some entertainment would be provided.


The debutante celebrates her debut, she is looked at as a child, not yet grown into an adult, with much to learn still. However, after celebrating her debut she is no longer a child, she is know looked at as a woman, still with much to learn, but now an adult starting the next part of her journey in life. Through this journey, she will come to find herself as a person, find where she belongs in the world, whether is be as a doctor, a journalist, or just a stay at home mom, she will learn what her role in life will be. Also her debut is like a reality check, an eye opener to show her what the world is really like outside her comfortable house. She will gain much responsibility and have a lot more say on her life, what she can do and what she aspires to be. Through the debut the debutante will sensually.


On a debutante’s, 18th birthday she would hold her Debut. A court of 18 guests chosen by the celebrant. And The most important one is known as the “Grand Cotillion Dance”, usually a waltz. An “18 Roses Dance” is also done, in which 18 males of the debutante’s choice dance with her after presenting her with a single red rose or her favorite flower. This dance is almost always preceded or concluded with a “Father and Daughter Dance”, and sometimes the father takes the place of the 18th rose (who is often the girl’s significant other). An older male relative, such as a grandfather, may take the father’s place if the latter is unavailable or deceased. The candles would say their speeches and then the dances would begin. Debuts usually include a father daughter dance and a special waltz the celebrant dances with her partner that signifies her entrance into adulthood. The celebration would then end with the debutante’s speech.pizap.com14928488687952

And lastly the video message from rotte’s sister.